I teach modern flute and Flautotraverso (Baroque flute) privately to all levels, beginners, advanced, and everyone in between.

I take tremendous pleasure in seeing students enjoy their music, and take pride in their progress.  Every lesson and practice session can bring new discoveries!  Helping my students achieve their best playing through serious and patient collaboration is something that I really enjoy.

My lessons can be tailored individually to your needs.  If you play for pleasure, want to improve your technique and sound quality or would like to play a particular piece or genre, I am happy to structure your learning to whatever suits you best.  It’s important to me that we are equal partners in the journey, and my teaching-style relies heavily on collaboration and communication.  Even if you don’t have much time to practice, there is still a lot we can achieve together!

Playing the flute is a beautiful, joyful experience.  Sharing this with others, and helping people to find their voice on the instrument is something that I enjoy greatly.   Once we get started you never know where things might lead!